Peer Groups

Peer Groups

ABC's Peer-to-Peer Program: Bringing Together Members for Win-Win Sharing. No one company has a monopoly on good ideas. Other ABC members like you have the same issues, same questions, same problems. Peer groups bring together similar members to find unique solutions to common barriers. The trust and open exchange of information allows peer group members to become cost-efficient, quality-oriented and profitable contractors.

What is Peer-to-Peer?

Peer groups, or business exchange forums, are made up of similar companies that meet regularly to discuss matters of business and personal interest.
  • • A group consists of 6-10 similar size members, that do not share the same competitive market.
  • • Currently, ABC has peer groups of electrical contractors, mechanical contractors and general contractors.
  • • Peer groups typically meet two or three times per year.
  • • There is no charge for this member service, although peer group members are responsible for their own meeting and travel costs.

Group members take turns chairing or “hosting” each meeting. ABC National does not host or facilitate the meetings. ABC National does assist in getting the groups together, and serves as an information resource.
What are the Benefits of Peer-to-Peer?

Provide the opportunity for contractors to collectively solve problems, so as not to “re-invent the wheel.
  • • Can serve as a company’s unofficial Board of Directors.
  • • Opportunity to improve your business.
  • • Exposure to new ideas.
  • • Sounding board for ideas/concerns with non-threatening feedback.
  • • Association with peers and fellow ABC members.
  • • Win-Win sharing.
  • • Travel and recreation.

Issues to Consider Before Joining a Peer Group?
  • • Confidentiality of information shared.
  • • Non-competing membership within the group.
  • • Time commitment to travel to and attend two-day meetings.
  • • Willingness to expose your company and yourself to peers.
  • • Financial commitment for travel and meeting expenses.
  • • Peer group participant should be principal of company.
  • • Peer group members must be ABC members.

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