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ABC was rated by Fortune magazine as one of the top 50 most influential groups in Washington. With more than 23,000 member companies we are the voice of merit shop and free enterprise in the construction industry. Specifically, ABC supports its members with focus on the following issues that greatly impact our industry:

 • Fighting frivolous lawsuits meant to put companies out of business.
 • Reform prevailing wage laws in California to make them easier to comply with and understand.  Also, ensure prevailing wages reflect wage rates in the local area.
 • Push back against discriminatory Project Labor Agreements (PLA) that prevent Merit Shop workers from working on construction projects.  Watch our video about PLA's here.
 • Apprenticeship and training issues in construction.

On the federal and state levels, ABC's professional lobbyists protect your rights in Congress, the state legislature, and regulatory agencies. On the local level, the ABC Central California Chapter's Government Affairs Committee is fighting to ensure that you have the ability to compete and to earn a profit.
As an ABC member, you will gain the knowledge and representation needed to protect your company from unfair and anti-competitive political tactics. ABC's merit shop philosophy and political agenda ranks among the main reasons why companies join and remain in ABC.
Visit our National ABC Government Affairs Website for more information!

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The founders of our nation understood that in order for us to have freedom, the will of the people must be heard. Your vote really does count! Don't miss out on your right to be heard - register to vote today!

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