Call to Action

Attention National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) users and providers:

In Sacramento, Assembly Member Autumn Burke is trying to pass Legislation that will limit the current set standards for pre-apprenticeship training to the Multi-Craft Core Curriculum. This means that programs that utilize the proven NCCER curriculum will not be able to provide pre-apprenticeship training.

NCCER is not only a leader in industry curriculum, but it is used by employers, educators, and workforce development providers across the country.  We need to inform Assembly Member Burke of the benefits of NCCER and how it helps each of us and those we train.

Please contact Assembly Member Autumn Burke’s office and tell her you stand in opposition of this legislation.

[email protected]

Capitol Office

State Capitol

P.O. Box 942849

Sacramento, CA 94249-0062

Tel: (916) 319-2062

Fax: (916) 319-2162


Please find an
example letter below to send to the Assemblywomen’s office:


May 05, 2016

Honorable Autumn Burke

State Assembly

State Capitol,
Room 5144

CA 95814


RE: AB 2288 (Burke)
Apprenticeship programs: building and construction trades.

Dear Assembly Member Burke:

On behalf of (Name/Organization), I respectfully write in
opposition of AB 2288, which attempts to change the current set standards for
pre-apprenticeship training to the Multi-Craft Core Curriculum. 

AB 2288 seeks to set the Multi-Craft Core Curriculum as the only
standard. By doing this the state will create a state mandated standard, while
ignoring other standards with proven track records.

Currently, many programs use successful curriculums, such as
the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), which meets
the growing and evolving field of construction. The current practices have demonstrated
great success with the students seeking a future in construction. Setting only
one standard of curriculum for California will limit the amount of prepared
construction workers entering the workforce and increase the construction
skills gap. By having multiple proven curriculums the programs will be able to
prepare more students wanting to enter a career in construction.

For these reasons we stand in opposition of AB 2288 (Burke),
which will hinder the amount of students entering construction jobs. Furthermore,
we strongly urge you to amend your bill to allow proven standards to educate
future construction workers.






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